Quality Management

Acknowledging the need for better organisation within the company to improve its efficiency, competitiveness and trustworthiness and ensure favourable development prospects, SKANO GROUP AS actively started to developt quality systems in various production units of the company in the 1990s.

The Quality Policy of SKANO:

  • Quality is an unavoidable precondition for gaining long-term success.
  • In SKANO, quality means providing products and services that meet the needs and expectations identified and anticipated by the customer.
  • Efficient operation of corporate processes is inevitable for assuring continuous stable quality of the product offered and the service rendered to the customer.
  • For operating the processes, SKANO provides necessary resources and highly professional performance of its well-trained and motivated staff.
  • The constant improvement of the processes ensures the sustainability of the company.
  • SKANO GROUP AS follows the principles of the international standards in the ISO 9000 family.

In 2000, the quality management systems conforming to the ISO 9000 family were implemented on the basis of the corporate quality policy.

Internationally accredited certification body Bureau Veritas audited the quality system and gave the SKANO GROUP (previously called AS Viisnurk)  the quality certificates that verify the conformity of their management systems with the SFS-EN ISO 9001 standard.

SKANO FIBERBOARD ( previously called AS Viisnurk Softboard Factory )  quality certificate  includes design, production and sale of softboards for general construction and interior finishing works.

SKANO FURNITURE (previously called AS Viisnurk Furniture Factory) quality certificate includes design, manufacture and sale of furniture.