On 17 February, the state-owned Industrial Combine of Pärnu District (Pärnumaa Tööstuskombinaat), the predecessor of AS Viisnurk, was established by merging several small companies with the initial aim of producing fuel, footwear and furniture. However, the production traditions of the company are even longer - skis, for example, have been produced in Pärnu since 1939.

The company was renamed into Viisnurk Wood-Processing Plant and it mainly produced furniture. In addition to that, plastic accessories for furniture and wooden and plastic household items were manufactured.

The company expanded its activities and started to produce skis and softboards. The first export experience was gained by exporting wooden pegs to England, Canada, Italy, etc.

The privatisation process of AS Viisnurk was initiated. By December, the company was among the first public limited companies to be established on the basis of a state-owned company. The share capital of the company was increased through equity financing and 27.4% of the company's shares were sold to private investors.

After Estonia regained independence, the former principal market vanished within a few months and the company employing 1,200 people faced the question, "To be or not to be?".

AS Viisnurk entered the Western market successfully: 75% of the total output was exported.

An international negotiated tendering was announced for privatisation of 72.6% of the company's shares. AS VN Holding that was owned by Baltic Republics Fund, Prometheus Fund and Hansa Investeeringute AS and the executives of AS Viisnurk won the tender.

In March, AS VN Holding and the Estonian Privatisation Agency signed the sales contract for privatisation of AS Viisnurk.

Initial public offering of shares was held and since 5 June, the shares of AS Viisnurk have been listed in the additional list of Tallinn Stock Exchange.

The Estonian Trade Promotion Agency of Enterprise Estonia gave AS Viisnurk the Entrepreneurship Award 2000 and the title of the Region´s Promoter 2000 for consistently significant economic results and investment in the environment and infrastructure.

hockey sticks were first used at the Olympics and World Championship.

OÜ Skano, the company owned by 100 percent of AS Viisnurk, was registered. Skano was established with the aim of enhancing the sales and marketing activities in the area of furniture production as well as offering new logistic solutions.

The affiliate company of Viisnurk AS, Skano OÜ, opened its shop at Järve Shopping Centre in Tallinn. The opening was a pilot project of the company in retail business.


SIA Skano, a subsidiary 100% owned by OÜ Skano was registered in Latvia and the first furniture boutique was opened in Riga.


UAB Skano LT, a subsidiary 100% owned by OÜ Skano was registered in Lithuania and furniture boutiques were opened in Klaipeda, Kaunas and Vilnius.

TOV Skano Ukraina, a subsidiary 100% owned by OÜ Skano was registered in the Ukraine. The retail of furniture began in major Ukrainian cities.

On 19.09.2007, the Registry Department of Pärnu County Court registered the division of AS Viisnurk.

On 25.05.2011, AS Viisnurk acquired a softboard factory in Püssi.


AS Viisnurk renamed the fully controlled subsidiary OÜ Skano. The new business name of OÜ Skano is Skano Furniture OÜ.