Environmental Management

Environmentally sustainable development is an unavoidable precondition for ensuring the long-term operation of the company and high-quality human environment.

The Environmental Policy of SKANO:

  • The personnel of SKANO observe the applicable environmental legislation and are dedicated to minimising the environmental impact resulting from the activities of the company.
  • Consistent improvement of the environmental activities of the company is necessary for ensuring environmentally sustainable development, thus the management of SKANO allocates the necessary resources for that purpose.
  • We consider the environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle (from raw material to disposal) in our product development process.
  • The employees are aware of their responsibility for the condition of the environment and do their best to follow environmentally sustainable and resource-sparing working routines.
  • Environmental impacts are always considered when investing in production technology.
  • SKANO GROUP AS follows the principles of the international ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard

Since 2004, both the SKANO FURNITURE and SKANO FIBREBOARD hold the integrated environmental permit granted for an unspecified term pursuant to the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Act. By fulfilment of the requirements of the integrated permit it is guaranteed that the production activities have minimum possible harmful effect to the environment. The requirements laid down by the permit shall guarantee the protection of water, air and soil and the management of waste generated by the company in an environmentally sustainable way. 

SKANO GROUP AS has entered into a contract with Eesti Taaskasutusorganisatsioon (ETO) in order to comply with the requirements of the Packaging Act. By the contract, SKANO GROUP has transferred all its obligations concerning collection and recovery of and reporting on packaging waste to ETO. Thereby the final users are provided with the possibility of free recovery of packaging to the containers marked with the Green Point label.

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SKANO FIBREBOARD products have been officially FSC® certified by Rainforest Alliance's partner NEPCon. FSC® rules constitute the globally recognised standard for certifying timber and timber products aimed at ensuring responsible and economically sustainable forest management.

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